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Episode 37: Jonah's Disobedience

Jonah’s disobedience personifies the disobedience of a whole nation...maybe both ancient and modern. What happens to human kind when we say “no” to God’s dream for us?  What if we don't know what God's plan is for our lives? Let's chat about it.    

Episode 36: What's the deal with Jonah?

In his TV show, "River Monsters," angler Jeremy Wade searches the globe for man-eating sea creatures, but never once has Wade come across a fish so large that it can swallow a man whole...and alive!  But that's exactly what happens to Old Testament prophet Jonah. Should we write this off as just another big fish tale? Or can we learn something from this really weird book of prophecy?  Facebook Twitter 1-704-709-9736 iTunes Soundcloud tunein Google Play Player FM Stitcher RSS